square shaped scarf christmas luxury art ideas wine cups packaging gift box with lid

Product Details Size:Customized Paper Type:Paperboard Thickness:1.5mm Packaging Details:one pcs in a polybag or your requirement Port:Xiamen/Fuzhou Lead Time :
Quantity(Boxes) 1 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 15 20 To be negotiated

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This is a gift box designed for beakware. In order to better protect the beakware and highlight the quality of the product, the customer customized this kind of gift box to us. Similarly, this type of box and material is also suitable for the packaging of red wine and various cups.

Gift box packaging design plays a promotional role, first of all, it can attract the attention of consumers and cause consumers to be bought. With the improvement of people's material living standards, people are also more and more advocating a simple and free life, the traditional etiquette is too strict, become unsuitable for modern people.


But it is not that people have no etiquette contacts, on the contrary, the etiquette began to become diversified. In today's fast-paced life environment, gift boxes have gradually become the first choice for people to give gifts. After all, we don't have much time or energy to spend on gift shopping, so choosing what to buy and buying the corresponding box is a favorite way to give a gift.


With our many years of experience in the custom gift box packaging industry, although the gift itself is very important, but the impact of your gift grade gift box packaging is more important. The first feeling that can affect a customer's purchase of a gift is the visual impact.


The modeling design is undoubtedly the first step in how to make the first impression and surprise the target customers. The traditional square packaging shape is convenient to carry. If the pattern design is not effective, it will be mediocre and quickly forgotten by customers. In recent years, special-shaped packaging design is more and more popular with people, and even is a special collection of its advertising effect is prominent.


Gift box packaging as a kind of commodity packaging, it must achieve the basic functions of packaging, that is, to complete the protection of goods, delivery of commodity information, to promote goods. Gift box packaging should also convey the emotional communication between people, enhance the positioning of the gift, it is the system of human emotional communication media and a bridge of friendship.


Gift box packaging has the function of protection, is also the basic function of packaging, that is, goods are not damaged by all kinds of external forces. A commodity, through circulation for many times, can walk into the market or other places, to the hands of consumers, during this period, need to pass loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the process of storage and transportation, many external causes, such as impact, humidity, light, gas, microbacteria...... And other factors, will threaten the safety of goods.


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