Waterproof light film printing stickers bottle labels Self-adhesive label with rolls blank labels

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空白标签1 Blank sticker labels are mainly classified The paper class Mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; Thin film materials are mainly used in high-grade daily chemical products. Before the eye, the market of popular personal care products and household liquid washing products occupy a large proportion, so the corresponding paper materials used more. 空白标签6 Film class Commonly used PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials, film materials are mainly white, matte, transparent three. Because the printing suitability of thin film material is not very good, it is generally made of corona treatment or by adding coating on its surface to enhance its printing suitability. In order to avoid some thin film material deformation in the process of printing and labeling or tear, part of the material will be treated with directional, uniaxial tension or two-way stretch, for example through two-way stretch of BOPP material application is fairly common calender writing paper, offset paper labels Multi-purpose label paper, used for information label, bar code printing label, especially suitable for high speed laser printing, It is also suitable for inkjet printing. 空白标签7 Coated paper sticker label: universal label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels of drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverage, electrical appliances and cultural articles. Mirror coated paper sticker label: high gloss label paper for advanced multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels of drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverage, electrical appliances, cultural articles. 空白标签8 Aluminum foil sticker label: a general label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for high-grade information labels of drugs, food and cultural articles. Laser film sticker label: multi-color product label general label paper, suitable for cultural articles, decorative high-grade information label. 空白标签9 Shrindable paper sticker label: used for anti-counterfeiting seal of electrical appliances, mobile phones, medicines, food, etc. The label paper will be broken immediately after stripping the sticker sticker.

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