lid off corrugated home storage box socks compartment paper box

corrugated socks storage box Product Details Size:35*35*35cm Paper Type:corrugated Thickness:E flut Packaging Details: two pcs in a polybag or your requirement Port:Xiamen/Fuzhou Lead Time :
Quantity(Boxes) 1 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 15 17 To be negotiated

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Takeaway: namely choose appropriate packaging materials, packaging design by means of clever technology, for the packing of goods of the container structure model and beautification of the packing decoration design, through to the packaging color, shape, material and so on all sorts of design language, gives the commodity unique personality, but also the establishment of a perfect visual image for the item, as the prerequisite for consumers judge the quality of the wheat from the chaff, share of packaging design in this paper, five points and three major components, content for reference for  Huaguang’s friends.We also try to break down this corrugated socks storage box through this article. Packaging design is a systematic project, which requires scientific and orderly procedures and methods to achieve successful packaging and maximize profits when the product is put on the market. Only grasp the accurate positioning of the product packaging strategy, through the successful interpretation and presentation of the product packaging design and the perfect combination of the enterprise marketing concept, in order to be able to design.This corrugated socks storage box is not a simple process from design to production and finally presented to consumers.1. Five key points of packaging design The function of packaging is to protect goods, convey commodity information, convenient to use, convenient to transport, promote sales. As a comprehensive subject, packaging has the dual nature of combining commodity and art. Successful packaging design must have the following five key points: (1) Shelf impression (2) Readability (3) Appearance pattern (4) Trademark impression (5) Description of functions and features I think the impression that corrugated socks storage box gives everybody is very good, bright green is its mass-tone is tonal, suit household to storage use very much, sweet and happy. 2. Appearance elements of constituent elements Appearance factor is the appearance of commodity packaging display surface, including display surface size, size and shape. There are three forms that we see in our daily life, namely, the natural form, the artificial form and the accidental form. But when we study the form of a product, we must find a form that is applicable to any property, that is, to draw out the common regularity, and call it the abstract form. We know that the constitution of form is the element of form, or this is the element of form, the ever-changing forms which are formed by certain methods and rules. Form is composed of points, lines, planes and bodies. The forms of packaging mainly include cylinder, cuboid, cone, various forms and combinations of related forms, as well as various forms composed by different cuts. The novelty of packaging forms plays a very important role in consumers' visual guidance, and the unique visual forms can leave consumers with a deep impression on printing. Packaging designers must be familiar with the characteristics of form elements and their expressions, and take this as the material to express the beauty of form. When we are considering the appearance elements of packaging design, we must also understand it from the Angle of formal beauty law. According to the formal beauty principle of packaging design combined with the characteristics of the product's own functions, various factors will be organically and naturally combined to obtain a perfect unified design image. This corrugated socks storage box is in the form of a lid and base. The insert is made of corrugated, which divides the big box into small squares suitable for socks. This type of box is more favored by customers.3. Elements of composition Composition is a complete picture of the trademark, graphics, text and combination on the display surface of commodity packaging. This combination of four sides gives the overall effect of the packaging. Product design composition of the elements of trademark, graphics, text and color of the use of correct, appropriate, beautiful, can be called excellent design works. Trademark design: The trademark is a symbol, is the enterprise, the institution, the commodity and each establishment symbol image. Trademarks involve politics, economy, legal system, art and other fields. The characteristic of trademark is decided by its function, form. It wants to express the rich content in a simpler and more general form in a relatively small space, and at the same time requires the observer to understand its inner meaning in a relatively short time. Generally, trademarks can be divided into three forms: text trademark, graphic trademark and the combination of text and graphics. Successful trademark design should be the product of organic combination of creative expression. Creativity is the synthesis, analysis, induction and generalization of a certain concept according to the design requirements. Through philosophical thinking, the design concept is transformed from abstract expression to concrete image design. Graphic design: The figure of packaging decoration mainly refers to the image of the product and other auxiliary decoration image. Graphics, as the language of design, is to show the internal and external elements of the image and convey the information to consumers in the form of visual images. For this purpose, the accurate positioning of graphic design is very critical. The process of positioning is the process of getting familiar with the whole content of products, including the nature of goods, trademarks, the meaning of product names and the status quo of similar products and many other factors should be familiar with and studied. Graphics can be divided into physical graphics and decorative graphics in terms of their forms of expression. Physical graphics The use of painting techniques, photography, etc. Painting is the main form of packaging decoration design, according to the overall concept of packaging needs to draw pictures, for the goods. Compared with photographic portrait, it has the characteristics of freedom of choice, refinement and generalization. Painting is a means of publicity, beautification and sales of goods. However, the commercial nature of commodity packaging determines that the design should highlight the real image of the commodity and give consumers an intuitive image. Therefore, photography is the best way to express the real and intuitive visual image in packaging and decoration design. Decorative graphics It is divided into representational and abstract techniques of expression. Figurative figures, landscapes, animals or plants can be used as symbolic graphics to represent the contents and properties of the package. Abstract technique is used for freehand brushwork more, use abstract dot, line, face geometry shape pattern, color piece or texture effect to form a picture, concise, bold, have form sense, also be the main expression technique of packaging decoration. In general, concrete form and abstract expression are not isolated in packaging and decoration design, but combined with each other. The dialectical unification of content and form is the general rule in graphic design, in the design process, according to the need of the graphic content, select the corresponding graphical representation techniques, to achieve the unity of the form and content in graphic design, create reflects the spirit of the age, ethnic style of the applicable, economy, beautiful decoration design work is the basic requirement of packaging designers. This corrugated sock storage box belongs to household storage. Therefore, its design does not need to highlight the trademark nature, but needs to pay attention to the graphic design. The use of Christmas motifs makes the box look very comfortable.  Color design Color design occupies an important position in packaging design. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of packaging color is the whole picture design concept, composition is closely linked. Packaging color requirements of flatness, homogenization, this is the color of the filter, refining the height of the summary. It is based on people's association and color habits, a high degree of exaggeration and color is a means of packaging art. At the same time, the color of the package must also be limited by the process, materials, use and sales area.

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